Don’t try to grant 20% COLA to teachers – Austin Gamey warn the government

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gamey and Gamey Group Mr. Austin Akufo Gamey has warned the government not to grant the 20% of the Cost Of Living Allowance to the strike teachers.

According to Austin Gamey, the government should consider the consequences that the country will face when the 20% Cost Of Living Allowance is granted to the teachers who have laid down their tools on the 4th of July 2022.

Speaking to TV3 news, Mr. Austin Gamey said the consequences and risks that will bedevil the country after the 20% Cost Of Living Allowance is granted to the teachers will be terrible.

The government side and the various unions in the public sector will be meeting on the 12th of July 2022 to negotiate the Cost of Living Allowance.

Mr. Austin Gamey however advised the government to negotiate with the striking teachers to reach an agreement on another alternative that will satisfy all parties without creating serious problems in the country.

“The solution to this problem is, the workers and other leadership, they are not oblivious of the fact that if 20 percent COLA is given the consequences may turn out to be something. Is there any other alternative? I think so. That is why they must go and press on, considering various options and reaching consensus that will satisfy all parties. It may not be enough but the reality is that, are there other alternative, I think there are.

“There are various other things that can be done because if you give 20 percent COLA it can drag us into some problems, the risk are so terrible and we should not venture,” Austin A. Gamey said

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