During this pandemic, these are the factors to consider when arranging seats for our learners in our schools.

By | January 12, 2021

Teachers have to be very sensitive during this pandemic in their various schools when arranging seating places for their learners. In the midst of this coronavirus, parents are alarm about their children going back to school due to the overcrowded nature of some of our classrooms. This article has looked at some of the factors teachers can consider in arranging seats for learners in the classroom.

Factors to consider

  1. Health and safety of the learners. Teachers must always check the health status of every child coming to school before they are allowed into our classrooms. Teachers have to make sure that children who are not feeling well should be separated from their colleagues or if possible, ask to go home or taking directly to the nearby health facility to be taken care of there. Don’t keep sick children in your school for it is not your duty to handle sick people but rather the work of nurses. So, don’t allow sick children to seat with their colleagues in the classroom.
  2. The size of your classroom should determine the number of learners in that particular class. Teachers should ensure that there is a space between students seating places at least one meter distance from the next students. Don’t overcrowded learners in one classroom just because you don’t have the required classroom in school because the safety of our children should be our utmost priority. If possible, devise a plan of attending your classes in batches in order to avoid overcrowding.
  3. Level of the class of your learners. Teachers should consider the level of their learners when arranging a seating place for them. Mostly kindergarten and lower primary learners use cluster sitting but now we have to make sure that we do not stick to this old system of teaching by packing children on one table but rather allow spacing in their seats in other to avoid learners from touching each other anyhow.
  4. Friendship and familiarity. Students should be allowed to seat close to those they know in order not to make these children be wandering about the kind of children they are seating close with. If It happens that your learners mostly the lower class seat with different learners they are familiar with, it has its consequences or demerit as your learners will not pay attention to your lesson. Teachers should make sure they do this with caution and care because we in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and everything is possible.
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