Dzodze Penyi SHS denied 18 years fetish priest admission for refusing to remove his cap

By | March 21, 2021

An 18 years Galley Felix a junior high school graduate has been reportedly denied admission by the authorities of the Dzodze Penyi senior for failing to follow the directive of the school by wearing a cap.

Galley Felix who came to the school with his cap on the head was denied admission after he was asked by the authorities of the school to remove his cap as it is not allowed for a student to wear a cap in the school but Felix could not be obliged to the directive of the school with the reason that his a traditional fetish priest in his community and for that matter he cannot remove the cap.

Felix has been wearing the cap because he has been initiated as Togbui Tueve Awunyo I I of Ative in the Ketu South Municipality.

When he interrogated Felix said “I gained admission to Dzodze-Penyi Senior High, but I was told I would only be allowed into the school if I remove my cap, but according to our culture, there is no way I can remove it. I tried explaining to the school why I wear the cap, but the school insisted I take it off before being allowed in the school.”

He further added that he has been wearing the cap since 5years ago and no one has ever asked him to remove it because they people know the reason why he’s wearing the cap and if he makes a mistake to remove the cap he can go mad or something bad will happen to his community

Galley stated “I could go mad and many things could happen to my community if I remove my cap in public. I have been wearing this [cap] for 13 years, and no one has asked me to remove it because they know the ramifications,”

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This happens after two students were denied admission by the Achimota senior high school for being Rastafarian but due to public outcry and uproar, the management of the Ghana education services later asked the authorities of Achimota senior high school to accept the students.

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