Educate Ghana trainees without NTC license certificates pleaded not to be neglected.

By | March 4, 2021

Educate Ghana Trainees were called to update their details on the educate Ghana module at the CPTP portal for the NABCO career transition process. Most of them followed the procedure and updated their details on the portal even though there were some challenges that some of them faced on the module. Some found their names on different sectors which they are not currently in that field when they were updating their details.

Leaders of the NABCO trainees association of Ghana (NABTAG) have not yet come clear on this matter.

Some could not update their details on the portal because there were not having a license certificate. Some of them could not write or others to wrote but their license has expired so when they were asked to update their details on the educate Ghana module which license certificate was a requirement before you can be accepted in the Ghana education services. Some of them updated theirs but those without licensure certificate could not update and are pleading with the NABTAG leaders to try and help so that they will not be left behind.

NABTAG leaders brought a press release on 1st March 2021 concerning this very matter, they assured Educate Ghana Trainees without licensure certificate that although one of the requirements that qualified one to be a staff of the Ghana education services is licensure certificate before you can be allowed to teach in a classroom, educate Ghana Trainees without licensure certificate will not be left out on the going NABCO career transition process.

Leaders of NABTAG encourage members to stay calm as their leaders have listened to their concerns but these trainees without the license certificate are pleadings with the leaders to try and come clear so that they will know their faith as the deadline is approaching.

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