Find out some of the benefits derived from motivating our students.

By | January 8, 2021

Everyone wants to be appreciated and rewarded for whatever works you do, same as compared to our students as well as the young ones we teach in our schools. This report has dealt in detail some of the importance we get when we motivate our students in the school.

Motivating students makes them feel very happy always. It makes them feel more comfortable excited and eager to work harder when a student did well and he or she is been rewarded, he or she will try to work harder than later. So that there should be more rewards in his or her ways ahead. He would try to make sure that he keeps his good work so that others will not get a good mark more than he or she. This makes the family feel happy about their child and also gives him or her the support he or she needs to excel in his or her future endeavors.

It brings competition in class. Motivating some students leaving others makes the unmotivated students feel embarrassed and ashamed of themselves as others get more marks than them. So, these unmotivated students put more effort so that they can also get more marks and be motivated by their teachers. These students keep on learning giving the motivated students a run for their money. This makes the class very interesting as there is competition in the class. So as teachers we should incorporate motivation such as given students who performed well in our class books, pens, pencils, and many more to ginger other students to work hard and improve on their performance.

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Motivating students makes them aspire for more. As students are been motivated in class it makes them feel that they can do better than this and learn more for their goals. This deepens students’ interest in a particular field or subject area and make them learn things that have not yet been taught in their class because they know that the teacher knows him or her and whenever the teacher comes to class the will surely ask them a question, so, they have to learn more to be able to defend their integrity they have earned so far in class. And more to the point they don’t want to feel disappointed because when everyone in the class knows that you have been receiving awards in class and they will ask you a question and you can’t answer they wouldn’t accept that. So, they have to work hard in order not to be embarrassed.  

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