Find out the four main teaching methods that are supposed to be employed by teachers.

By | January 11, 2021

Methods of teaching are the outline principles or strategies that teachers can use in their lesson delivery. Research has shown that most teachers do not know the appropriate teaching method that they can apply to fit properly depending on the demographics of their class they are teaching. This article has highlighted some of these teaching methods.

Teacher centered method. This method of teaching is a situation where the teacher is a figurehead in the class with all the students been considered as empty barrels. In this teaching method, the lecture method is usually dominating, where the teacher or educator carries all the teaching process impacting knowledge and skills into the learners. Learners only listen to the lecture deliver by their educator. This method employs objectives tests, class tests, and homework as its assessment strategies to evaluate the understanding level of their learners. This method is supposed to be used at the high education level because most students at this level can read and write properly.

Students centered method. Thought in this method of teaching, the educator is still the head in the teaching process but the learners dominate the teaching and learning process with the teacher as a guide or a facilitator. The teacher performs the role of a guide, he or she guides the educator by laying down the procedure that the students will follow to perform the task. In this method group work, portfolio, and project work are employed to test the students’ understanding level. This method works perfectly at the primary and secondary school level because the reading and writing abilities of the learners are still developing.

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High technology method of learning. This method is used by high educational institutions with advanced technological level. Most teachers who employ this method use technology gadgets such as computers and phones to connect to the internet so that they can show their learners resources online. This method of teaching cannot be used in the villages where the network connection is very low.

Low technology method of learning. In this method of teaching, educators use the normal traditional method of teaching, where face-to-face interaction is the means by which teachers and their learners use in their daily teaching and learning process. This method is mostly used in villages where there is no network connectivity where they can use technological gadgets.

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