Follow these experts’ tips to get your child up to speed in his or her reading.

By | January 25, 2021

Reading is one subject that a child can easily regain his or her level. Maybe before the pandemic, your child was a high achiever and during the pandemic because of the long stay in the house their ability to read drops and we know you can only perform if only you can read well and if you can’t read definitely your performance will fall but the good news here is that our source has shown some experts tips that can help you improve in your children reading ability.

Ways to develop skills in the house.

Let your child’s environment be full of print materials. Expects to say children absorb a lot of things they observe in front of them. So as a parent if you want your child to be able to read, encourage them to read things around them, read labels on items in the room, the caption on TV, hang charts containing items with their names after that you can let them grab book and pen or pencil and write a list of things they have captured. You can hang words of the week and your child’s favorite words all around the house this will help him or her to recall most of the words. This can also facilitate his or her reading ability.

Don’t teach your children what you learned when growing up. Some parents always try to put pressure on their children by trying to force on their children the way they learned when they were young but you have to remember that the way you were learning and now are not the same because things are not the same. So, when you are learning with your child and you reach a word that he or she can not pronounce don’t tell your child he or she knows the word, when you do that, he or she is always under the pressure to recall the word but you can do better by asking your child how does she or he always pronounce an unknown word with their class teacher and you will see the magic there.

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Keep records of your child reading in a video. Most parents think that as you continue to read one book, again and again, is not helpful but it actually builds confidence in your child and keeps him or her wanting to read more. So as parents try to always video your child as he or she reads to monitor their reading progress, you can tell them they have read here nicely as they read, this makes them feel happy and develop the interest in reading more.

Let your children read good books. The fact that your child is at a lower level or grade does not mean that they can’t read books above them, so, get high-quality reading material or books for your child reading in the house. Though they would not understand all words that have been read, before you turn to the next page you can ask them questions like, what do just understand by what you read? How will you narrate the story? How do you describe the character in the story?

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