Follow these tips as a teacher to manage your time effectively in your class.

By | January 10, 2021

Time management is an effective way you can use as a teacher to free yourself from the stress that teachers go through weekly. Research has shown that most teachers work up to forty-eight hours a week which makes many teachers very stressful but this article has breakdown some time management techniques that can help you go through your lesson delivery successfully.

Do not postpone or procrastinate your lesson time as a teacher. Always make sure to deliver your lesson as plan on the time table. When you begin to postpone your lesson, it will come to a time that your lesson will be overloaded and you must complete your task on the syllabus. In the end, you will have to plan lessons outside the normal class hours which will make you over-stress yourself.

Homework assignments should be strategically planned. Teachers should properly organize the home works that they will administer to their students so that it will not overburden them which will make them get appropriate time to prepare for your next lesson. Marking is not an easy task so you have to make sure that there is spacing in your time that will allow you to be able to mark your student’s homework. Also, make sure that you check the number of your students in your class before you administer your lesson so that when you know that you have an oversize class or your class size is large you will know the number of questions to set and the kind of question structure you will use. This can help you to stop overburden yourself.

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Organize your lesson days base on priorities. Plans the days of your lesson in an orderly manner, make sure to arrange a lesson in order of importance and it must be done in a way that you feel you have the chance or capacity to deliver.

Plan for future crises. You have to make provision in case you are not able to deliver your lesson due to any circumstance beyond your control maybe it can be sickness or you have to travel for something. You have to make accommodation for that when you are planning your time table for your lesson in a term so that in case you are not able to deliver your lesson. This will helps you to teach a lesson you have missed. This foresight you have about your lesson always helps you to relieve stress.

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