Four things you shouldn’t do while distance learning and some expert tips on what you should do instead.

By | January 23, 2021

Virtual or distance learning is not an easy task. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic most schools have now resulted into the online or distance mode of learning for their students but to learn in the house has a lot of challenges that you go through but our source has compiled some experts’ advice that will help you go through your virtual learning or distance learning successfully.

Don’t do virtual learning while you are in bed. Expects says sitting on bed unsupported, your spine is always in curve position making your upper body weight to push forward, this can naturally affect your spine and cause inflammation in your muscles. So, whenever you sit on the bed with legs crossed watching online learning you risk your life by sacrificing your spinal cord. This can also affect your understanding rate because sitting in bed and learning can make part of your muscles become tired easily. Another reason why you should not learn while you are sitting in bed is you can easily doze off, because your body will be deceiving you to lie down small before you realize you are fast asleep, so, always make sure you sit on a chair at a table with your eyes as the same level with your computer and your chest out with your hands relax. This can help improve your learning.

Don’t do virtual learning without a food schedule. There are times we underrate certain things because we look at it not to be important to us but a food schedule is an important arrangement you should do when you have planned to do online learning. Studying in house demands a lot because you are not doing this in school where you will be having time for breakfast, lunch, and supper, you need to also make this arrangement for yourself or your child who will be doing virtual learning so that they wouldn’t be struggling to eat whiles lectures are going on, this can cause distraction in your understanding of the lesson but when you properly schedule yourself make sure to eat before the lesson time and then after the lesson you go for your break and all that, it makes you focused and follow the lessons as planned.

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Don’t do virtual learning while you are on social media. This may seem not wise or as important as we think but it worth recognizing it. When you or your child is doing virtual learning while trying to interact with friends on social media you can easily be distracted. While on virtual learning and you are trying to watch social media videos or make a phone call you can be distracted. So, always make sure you discipline yourself or your child to stay away from social media while you on virtual learning hours.

Don’t do virtual learning while you are still wearing your night wears or pajamas. Rolling from the bed and just jump into virtual learning is a bad way of doing virtual learning. As a virtual learner, you have to always wake up on time prepare yourself and change your night wears or pajamas, when you do that it prepares the brain that you are coming to learn. When we say change your pajamas does not necessarily mean that you or your child should dress in something fancy before you start your virtual learning.

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