Free SHS under review to determine how much parents will pay – GES

By | July 22, 2022

The Director General of Ghana Education Service Prof Opoku Amankwa has disclosed that the management of the Ghana Education Service is ready to contribute to the reviewing of the Free senior high school policy.

According to Prof. Opoku Amankwa, the discussion of the free senior high school policy will be played in a bigger discussion for everyone to contribute since education is not for only GES and the Ministry of Education.

“Once education is not only for the GES and Ministry of Education, it will be played into the bigger discussion for all of us to make our contributions,” he said.

He explained that GES will begin with the smaller part of the policy which will be the unit cost analysis of education.

“We will do unit cost analysis, especially for the Free SHS,” he said on Joy News

Prof Amankwah noted that: “When we have done that, and we have all added our inputs into it, then we can all come back and say the total cost for educating someone in the free SHS,” is this or that.

He said this is necessary so that, “at the end of the day, we can all agree that this is the amount that we believe that government should bear.”

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