GA teachers to be brought back to GA schools- Minister-designate promise

By | March 2, 2021

The Greater Accra regional minister-designate to negotiate for GA teachers to be sent back to where they are needed should he becomes a substantive minister.

The posting of teachers to where they can’t speak the local dialect of the people in that area is a serious problem among the Ghana education services. All the time you hear teachers complained of the inability of their students to be able to comprehend what they taught in class using the English language but because the teachers cannot also speak the local language of the people they find it difficult to explain certain concepts in the local languages.

Most schools in the Greater Accra region were trying to face out the teaching and learning of GA language from the syllabus with the main reason that there are no trained and qualified GA teachers to handle the course in the GA speaking community.

The minister designates for Greater Accra, Henry Quartey said most teachers who can speak the GA language are sent to areas where they can’t even speak the local dialect of the people meanwhile their services are needed most in the GA speaking communities. He stated that when he becomes the substantive minister for the Greater Accra region he will negotiate with the Ghana education services and the ministry of education to ensure that GA teachers are brought back to Accra to handle the GA language in schools.

“When given the nod, I’ll collaborate with the Ministry of Education and the GES to ensure that even the few [teachers] we have, are brought back to teach Ga in schools [in the region]. We will fall on other opinion leaders to support us in trying to grant scholarships for people to begin to take interest in learning Ga at the Bureau of Languages,” he promised.

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He added that he will lead the cause to encourage the teaching of the GA language in schools. That he will negotiate with the traditional leaders to provide scholarship for people to study GA language because he thinks GA teachers are inadequate in the system and the few ones that are there have been posted to other places

“I will lead the cause [to encourage the teaching of Ga in schools] and work hand in hand with the Ghana Education Service (GES). It should be in the syllabus, but the challenge is, are there enough teachers to teach Ga in the schools? We must make it a priority,” He added.

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