GES 2021 release and transfers for in-service Teachers are finally opened. Check the documents Required

By | May 21, 2021

Ghana Education Service (Ges) has finally opened the release and transfer window for the 2020/2021 academic year.

This Ghana Education service release and transfer for in-service delayed due to the pandemic. This year’s release and transfer window will officially start on Monday 24th, May 2021. This is to allow in-service Teachers who wish to move their old station to a new station. But it must be noted that only Teachers who have stayed in their old station for 4years are qualified for a release or transfer.

Many reasons make a teacher call for transfer. Any teacher who is willing to seek for transfer or release within the district or outside the district must have to provide convincing reasons for seeking the transfer or release. At times a teacher has to provide documents to support his reasons.

Interested Applicants must beware that before they apply for the release or transfer. The Teacher has to write to the school or district he or she wants to go. So that he or she can be given assurance, which means he or he has been accepted before he or she goes ahead to apply for the release or the transfer at the current district.

These are the required documents one needs to apply for transfer
I. Application letter signed by your headteacher or circuit supervisor
ii. Professional certificate you have obtained Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) or Bachelor degree (B.ed) or both
iii. Appointment letter
v. Promotion letter if any
vi. Personal Record form filled by you
vii. One passport picture
Viii. One file
Click below to download GES sample letters

From one District to Another District
I. Application letter
ii. Cover letter from your school headmaster
iii. Professional certificate DBE or B.ed ( certified ones)
v. Assurance letter
vi. Letter of undertaking
vii. Promotion letter
viii. Personal Record form to download one here
X. Passport picture

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From one Region to Another
Teachers who are seeking release from one Region to the other need all the above documents.

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