Ges direct authorities of Achimota senior to admit the Rastafarian students.

By | March 20, 2021

The management of the Achimota senior high school yesterday denied two Rastafarian students admission into the school with the basis that it is against the code of conduct of the Ghana education services to allow students with such kind of hairstyles in class.

This made concerned citizens Ghana who care about the welfare of students’ future to raise their voices about the discrimination met out to the dreadlocks students.

Mr. Kofi Asare the executive director of African education watch called on everyone to Woke up and protests against the refusal of Achimota School to admit these two dread-locked students.

“They claim it is against the GES Code of Conduct. This is a recurring situation. When will we stop majoring in the minors?..and when will the Rastafarian Movement go to court and stop threatening Court?” He said

He added that the Ghana Education Service Code of Conduct is unconstitutional in preventing a child from enrolling in secondary school because of the nature of their Natural hair.

This morning the management of the Ghana education services call on the authorities of the Achimota senior high to admit the two dreadlocks students .

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