GES former directors hold different views on the two Rastafarian students admission saga

By | March 23, 2021

Two former directors-generals of the Ghana education service have expressed their views on the matter that has been on the face of social media platforms concerning the authorities of Achimota senior high school denying the two Rastafarian teenage students admission.

This Former Ghana education services director-general, Michael Nsowah, and Charles Aheto- Tsegah when speaking on eyewitness news on the same platform expressed divergent views on how the issue of Rastafarian students been denied admission should be handled.

Michael Nsowah the director-general of Ghana education services on his part said every senior high school has gotten its distinct rules and regulations which he thinks should not be tampered with at all. He added that some schools are who they are today because of the rules they have put in place and you a student if you think you can’t abide by the rules and regulations of the school you can find a different school to attend but not the school to relax their rules because of your beliefs.

“Every school has its rules, and they contribute to its distinctiveness. Achimota became what it is because of its culture. So you do not go to Achimota and want the school to shelve its culture and embrace yours. If you think you cannot abide by the rules of a particular Senior High School, you can as well look for one that will accommodate your beliefs.”

“So the students may have been placed in a particular school alright, but after the placement, they go to the schools to enrol. And when they get there, they are presented with the school’s rules and regulations, you’ll then have to make a decision as to whether or not you’ll stay,” he added.

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On the part of Aheto- Tsegah, he strongly disagrees with Michael Nsowah on the same platform, he said as far as the students have their hairs grown already it shouldn’t be an issue for discussion at all. He added that he is challenging the Headmistress to point a portion of their rules that speaks against Rastafarians.

“I have not come across any school that has stated hairstyles that are exempted. I am challenging the headmistress of the [Achimota] school to point out a portion of their rules that specifically speaks against rasta.”

“The question is, how is the person managing his rasta? Are they unkempt? If not, this is no issue. It has nothing to do with indiscipline. If we ran our Senior High Schools based on institutional traditions we wouldn’t be where we are,” he added

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