GES has planned to stop promoting teachers in lower ranks (Snr Supt II-Snr Supt I)

By | November 29, 2021

The management of the Ghana Education Service responsible for teacher Promotion and upgrading has stopped promoting teachers in the lower ranks for close to three years now.

2015, 2016, and 2017 batch of teachers are the combined backlog of teachers who are currently due for promotion now but the Ghana Education Service has blatantly refused to promote them.

Several calls have been made by the various teacher unions to promote these teachers in lower ranks but it has not yielded any result. The recent call was the National labour Commission who asked teacher unions and the Ghana Education Service to resolve the outstanding issue of the promotions before 17th November 2021.

The management of the Ghana Education Service has forgotten about teachers who are due for promotion in the lower but rather concentrating on those in the high ranks.

Information gathered from a reliable source shows that the Ghana Education Service has planned that now that the Service will begin recruiting teachers with degrees from 2022 it will be good to rather upgrade those with degrees in the Service rather than promote wholesomely.

It further explained that the excuse given by the Ghana Education Service that it was due to pandemic that lead to delay of the promotion of teachers is only a delay tactic. Citing the promotion of those teachers in high ranks, was the pandemic not there when teachers wrote the promotion aptitude test in 2020, and teachers were promoted immediately. The same thing applies to the 2021 promotion aptitude test they wrote it and for those who passed, the majority of them have been put on the scale and currently, some are to write another Promotion examination this coming December 2021. Is the pandemic not affecting that kind of teachers, yet their promotions are worked on. Why are they not doing the same thing to those in the lower ranks?

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Teachers seeking promotions in the lower ranks are rather encouraged to run short courses to seek upgrading since GES from 2022 onwards will be recruiting teachers with degrees rather than wait for these Promotions.

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