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GES instructs headmasters not to allow students to go home for the Mid-Semester break


The management of the Ghana Education service GES has instructed the headmasters of Senior High Schools in the country to restrict the final year Students from going for the mid-semester break.

GES asked headmasters of senior high schools to follow the earlier directive by allowing students to observe the mid-semester break in schools without academic activities.

This comes after the management of the Ghana Health Service advise the Ghana Education Service (GES) of the effects of all students going home in this pandemic period. Ghana Health Service stated that GES should not allow the students to go home because it can influence the number of positive cases the country is currently recording in the virus.

According to GES reference is made to an earlier communication on the above subject matter. Reference is also made on the attached letter from the Director-General of the Ghana Health Service with reference number GHS/DGS/1.5 which cautions against the mass movement of students due to the recent outbreak of the pandemic.

Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES), therefore, wishes to inform Heads of Senior High and Technical schools that students are NOT to be allowed to go home during the mid-semester period. Mid Semester break should be observed in schools with no academic activity.

Academic work should resume on Monday, July 25, 2021, as earlier communicated.
By this letter, Regional Directors of Education are to inform all Heads of Senior High Schools to take
note and to communicate same to staff, students and parents.

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