GES is likely not to promote teachers in lower ranks in 2022 as scheduled.

By | November 28, 2021

The management of the Ghana Education Service scheduled to promote teachers from senior superintendent II to Senior Superintendent I that was comprises of some part of the 2015 batch, 2016 and 2017 batches.

Due to teacher unions press statement on 10th August 2021, the various teacher unions and the Ghana Education Service was asked by the National Labour Commission to ensure that they resolve all outstanding issues of promotion of teachers in the Ghana Education Service and report same to the commission

District Directors of Education were asked to supervise this category of teachers and submit their data for input after management have worked on those in high ranks.

Information gathered by the team from most District Directors of Education indicates that due to the pandemic most of the district could not process their data on time due to large numbers of these teachers.

Management of the Ghana Education Service has been working with the Promotion of teachers in high ranks. Those who wrote the promotion aptitude test and were able to pass are put on the scale in batches. There are still some batches that have not yet been put on the right scale meanwhile they have passed their promotion examination. Most of them were thinking that they will be put on the scale this November 2021 but it didn’t work.

Due to all this delay by the Ghana Education Service and some District Education Directorates, teachers who are due for promotion in the lower ranks could not be worked on in January this 2022. All those teachers due for promotion in the lower ranks should rather expect their promotion in March 2022.

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