Ges outlined 2021 BECE candidates registration timelines

By | March 13, 2021

The registration of candidates for the BECE for School Candidates, 2021 will commence from
15h March to 14h May 2021.

Given the prevailing pandemic situation, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC)
could not organize its planned briefing of Metropolitan/Municipal/District Directors, Examination
Officers and IT Personnel.

To ensure that the officials are adequately equipped to handle the registration processes
effectively and efficiently, the WAEC has prepared the enclosed material (audiovisual notes on
BECE for School Candidates, 2021 registration) and the Timelines of Key Activities to
facilitate the registration processes.

By this letter, Regional Directors of Education are requested to disseminate the information to the
aforementioned Directors and Officers.

Timelines of Activities

1.Entry Period15th March-14th May, 2021
2.Late Entry Period
(Penalty- 50% of registration fees)
17th-31 May, 2021
3.Corrections can be effected till 31 May, 2021. (corrections on names and photographs should be
referred to the nearest WAEC Online )
31 May, 2021
4.Downloading of Software online and uploading of Continuous Assessment Scores.
Uploading of Continuous Assessment Scores online.(No submission of CASS CDs, Please keep backup).
1st June-30th July, 2021
5.Downloading of School Choice Software online and selection of schools.
Uploading of School Choice Files online.
2ndJuly-31th August 2021
6.Receipt of Reports on Matching Entries with
CASS/School Choice Files from ICTD.
1st-8th September, 2021
7.Briefing Course for Supervisors and Directors of EducationTo be decided
8.Examination PeriodTo be decided
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