Upgrading: Ges outlined major points Teachers should note before applying for upgrading.

By | April 7, 2021

The management of the Ghana education services responsible for the upgrading of teachers in the basic and secondary schools have noted some issues that are causing delays in the upgrading of Teachers.

The management has outlined important information for those having problems with upgrading to take notice of this before the application for upgrading.

I. Management of GES has stated that some teachers have had their principal superintendent upgrading letters signed by the district/municipal/metro directors. Those affected Teachers are to apply to the Regional directors for the principal superintendent upgrading letters.
ii. Teachers applying for the PS upgrading letters should attach their current payslip.
iii. Teachers who completed college of education with a Diploma in basic education (DBE) or senior superintendent 11 in 2014 are qualified to apply for upgrading in 2020 with their degree certificate.

The management of Ghana education services has noticed that some teachers do not follow the recommended years before applying for upgrading. They stated that some teachers immediately complete their diploma in basic education and are given an appointment by Ges the quickly go for a short course and when they get their degree certificate they apply for upgrading.

Management has encouraged teachers to follow this guide below carefully before the Apply for upgrading.
Teachers are always encouraged to cross-check the timeline that is the year they have obtained their diploma in basic education which is very important because when you sent your upgrading letter to the Regional directors they will cross-check the year you obtain your DBE to know whether you are qualified or not.

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Use the table below as your guide.

CertificateYear obtainedYear to apply to principal superintendent Grade
Dipolma in Basic Education20142020
Dipolma in Basic Education20152021
Dipolma in Basic Education20162022
Dipolma in Basic Education20172023
Dipolma in Basic Education20182024

Note: some teachers have obtained their diploma in basic education (DBE) two (2) or Three (3) years before the had appointment with Ghana education services, with this category of Teachers the Regional directors are to take the day of the appointment and not the year the person obtained the diploma in basic education.

District/municipal/metropolitan directors are to always check the timeline and if a teacher is qualified to apply for upgrading they should not waste their time applying for upgrading because it will always be giving those Teachers false hope which will not yield better results.

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