GES position on students desire to observe religious obligations in schools

By | May 2, 2021

Our attention has been drown to various media reports relating to a recent occurrence at Wesley

Girls High School, Cape Coast. started with a student who requested of the School Authorities to
be allowed to fast during Ramadan

Fasting is undertaken by students for various reasons and observed differently by the respective

groupings have had varied health implications on our students over the years. The net effect was that
students developed various health conditions. The School, therefore, took the decision, then, that
irrespective of one’s religious background, the fasting was not permitted.

it was therefore imperative that to ensure that the health of students was not compromised vis-a-vis the

organized school schedules, this long-standing practice had to be maintained.

This was the basis for the refusal by the school Authorities of the girls request to fast during

Having been appraised of the facts of this case, the minister for Education met the Presiding Bishop

Most Rev. Dr. Paul Kwabere Boufo and some Board members of Wesley Girls High School The School
Authorities made it clear that it had no intention whatsoever, of interfering with the religious
practices of any group of students, but had prioritized the health of young girls placed in their care.

The Minister advised the Ghana education Serve to put in place measures to address this matter

bearing in mind the rights of students and concerns of schools on the health risk associated with the

The Ghana Education Service, therefore, directs authorities of Wesley Girls High School as well as any

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other school to allow any such student who wishes to fast for any religious reason to do so

The parents of any such student are also directed to write to the school indicating that the school
shall not be held liable for any health condition of the student as a result of the fast

Staff, students, and the general public are to take note.

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