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Ges reschedule the re-opening date for SHS form 3 students.


Recently Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) proposed to the management of Ghana education services (GES) to revised the academic calendar to enable them to have enough time for the final year students who are to complete their education this year.

Due to this proposal by The conference Heads of Assisted secondary schools (CHASS), the management of the Ghana education services agreed to reschedule the academic calendar for the senior high school form three students.

Management has considered a proposal from CHASS and has therefore revised the academic calendar as follows;

“Reopening for Form 3 students have been rescheduled for 5th May 2021
This applies to all Form 3 students (single track and double track schools)”

Management of Ghana education services wishes to state that further information will be announced and if other arrangements should be put in place to facilitate teaching and learning then it will be made known to the public.

“Further details will be announced. All other arrangements on the calender remain unchanged.” Management stated.

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