GES reveals the main two options for students who had automatic placement but do not want to go into that schools.

By | March 3, 2021

The management of the Ghana education services brought out the 2020 placement on last Sunday 28th of February 2021. According to Ghana education services about 340,000 students have successfully gotten automatic placement into their selected schools.

According to Ghana education services they have received several complaints from some students and their parents with regards to their placement, joy news visit to one of the Ghana education services calls centers in Accra uncovered that most students complained of not getting their first choices and wanted to change.

But the PRO of Ghana education services has repeatedly said that no students who are automatically placed by Ghana education services into their selected schools can change and that students must have to go there.

She added that any students who feel that if not their choice school they can’t go have only two options to do and that is they either have to go back to any junior high school (JHS) of his or her choice to sit with their immediate juniors and write again or better still can wait for the private BECE candidates and write with them so that when they can get the required grade that can send them to their school of choice.

The PRO however wondered why students will select five schools of their choice and still when gotten placement into one of them will not like to go.

When Joynews reporter Mamavi Aboagye asked why students will pass well with all subjects 1s but will still not get his or her first choices but the PRO of GES responded that the main reason for not getting your first choice is the courses they students choose to do in that schools. If your total raw score point is not high although you will be having all subjects 1s when many students choose that schools and their total raw score points are very high then you they will be more qualified than you and that is why some students do not get their first choices.

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