GES to conduct multi-agency monitoring exercise in primary, JHS, and SHS

By | November 29, 2021

The management of the Ghana Education Service has officially announced that management in collaboration with other seven (7) agencies will be conducting a monitoring exercise in various primary, junior high schools, and senior high schools in the country.

According to the management of the Ghana Education Service, the monitoring exercise is going to be conducted in two weeks in 240 primary, junior high schools, and senior high schools in the country beginning from Monday 29th November 2021.

When management visits your school they will be interacting with the Headteachers, lead curriculum teachers, and some students.

The monitoring team is made of eight (8) agencies which comprise the staff from the Reform Secretariat, NaSIA, NTC, GES, NSS, GHLA, PBME, NACCA and COTVET.

The objective of the GES Multi-Agency monitoring

The major reason for the management of the Ghana Education Service conducting the monitoring exercise is as follows:
? To interact and collect performance data on leading/lagging indicators in the 2021 roadmaps towards the 2021 annual review meeting.
? To collect school-level data on selected ESP indicators to compare with the 2020 performance.
? To interact with Regional and District Directors on the key learning intervention and how the Reform Secretariat and the Ministry of Education can support to improve an impact.
? To monitor the Ghana Education Service leading indicators and how they are been collected, collated, and reported from the school level to the national level which will help make recommendations where necessary.
? To collect data on PLCs implementation and discuss the underlying factors that are causing the low PLC meetings in schools.
? Collect data on school conditions and teacher professionalism.
? To collect data on the penetration of Reforms at the school level
? To provide practical recommendations to support planning, programming, and resourcing.

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Management of the Ghana Education Service calls on all Regional and District Directors of Education to make sure the monitoring team gets the necessary assistant the need to get to the target schools in their respective Metropolitan/Municipal/district.

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