Ghana Education Service (GES) must ban female teachers from wearing a seductive dress.

By | February 5, 2021

The habit of indecent dressing in our schools this day is rampant and worrying mostly among the female teachers. This act of fashion that has been portrayed by these teachers in our schools this day is so hurting and destructive which thinks authorities in this sector have to call it to order before it escalated.

To be indecently dressed is now a common thing among young people in our society these days because these children at times learn this kind of dressing from their teachers in the school. these days is like our society has now moved from respecting those who dress decently to those who are indecently dressed but this was not so in recent years passed. It is common to see young children indecently dress in our communities these days with no one talking about how bad this is. Meanwhile, our culture frowns on the indecent dressing.

This attitude of indecent dressing has now become part of our society to the extent that our female teachers are trying to incorporate this kind of dressing into the school community. The way these female teachers dress to school these days is so pathetic. Some of these teachers put up a dress called short skirt which when they try to seat down the find it difficult because they will expose certain part of their bodies which was supposed to be hidden.

Some of these teachers dressed so seductively in such a way some of the students can’t be comfortable. It is worrying to see a female teacher in skin-tight trousers standing in front of these teenagers, some male student finds it difficult to concentrate because the way the teacher is dress is what is circulating in the mind of their learners. This habit by some of these female teachers destruct the colleague’s male teachers and the male students as well. Schools are meant to educate learners and not to destruct learners or to show your fashion, so we entreat our female teachers to consider their personality and dress decently to school.

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Some of them put up a dress that is tight and transparent as well as exposing some part of their bodies that is not supposed to be in the public domain. You can imagine a female teacher wearing a transparent dress in front of the class? You arousing the feelings of your learners and we are all human beings and have feelings. wants teachers to be responsible and abide by the code of dress as prescribed by the profession.

This kind of indecent dressing among female teachers at times influences students in senior high schools, colleges, and sometimes in the university to writing friendly letters to their teachers. But when it happens like that in sought of the school authorities investigating into the matter into detail to find out what actually the teacher has been dressing to school the rather put all the blame on the learners and sometimes punishing students meanwhile the actual problem is from the teacher.

In my opinion, the Ghana Education Service and all stakeholders involved in the educating of children should help check this kind of indecent dressing among females teachers in our schools.

2 thoughts on “Ghana Education Service (GES) must ban female teachers from wearing a seductive dress.

  1. Darko Timothy Owusu

    What my friend was saying was right because some female teachers disgrace themselves during delivery.a teacher is a romodel to every student but some of them always disgrace themselves by wearing seductive attair sometime they kill the male teachers who resemble to be pastors and people of God


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