Ghana Education Service should review the hours’ pupils spend at the basic school level.

By | February 9, 2021

Time is a precious resource in the achievement of a goal or aim set by an organization and needs to be managed wisely but the health of the human resources in an organization should also be observed when planning the time to achieve the set goals or aim of the organization. Our checks have shown that the hours allocated for students in the basic schools in Ghana during this pandemic is above the normal time when an individual is going to wear a nose mask in a day.

These children in the basic schools’ level are below the ages of eighteen years but are required according to what Ghana education Service has planned to be in school with their nose mask on for seven hours except those at the lower primary level which spend four hours. If these children are to continue wearing this nose mask without removing it within four to five hours’ time, they will be endangering their lives which we as a country will face the challenge in the near future. Everyone knows that a country with a large number of its population being sick will not advance.

When these children wear this mask for some period of time, they will be forced to remove it because they experience warmness when wearing this mask and as we all know that this virus did not inform you the time it is coming to infect you, it comes like a thief, so, immediately you remove your mask it steals you at ones. Because of the long stay in school by these young children, they have no other means than to remove their mask and take fresh air, this creates an opportunity for this deadly wildfire in our midst today, to spread nonstop among children in our schools. We in think this can be curtail, by the Ghana education Service reducing the number of hours our children spend in the school.

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Because of the long number of hours children stay in school, it gives the children the opportunity to come in contact with a number of colleagues in the school. As we all know that our health experts say that the more, we come into contact with other people the more the virus spreads. That is exactly what we allow our children to practice in the school due to the long number of hours they stay in school. We, therefore, called Ghana education service to have a second look at the number of hours pupils in the basic schools spend in our country.

Some responsible parents are rather calling for the closed down of schools again but we in think that is not the good way to go with this issue but the number of hours our children spend in school to learn should be review in order to reduce the rate of school community infection. Now that we don’t know when this pandemic is going to end, we can’t keep waiting in the house, when we all know that these same children when school is closed down, will be doing hawking for their parents in our various communities. So, the Ghana Education Service and all stakeholders in charge of basic education should review the number of hours our small children spend in school.

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    I’m a primary school teacher but we close at 2:00 pm and when our headteacher contacted the cs he said he is not aware of the 4hrs duration so we must always always close at 2 00.
    Upper East
    Wugingo primary


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