Ghana Education Service should upgrade our teachers to their rightful ranks.

By | February 1, 2021

The delays of the Ghana Education Service (GES) in upgrading teachers to their rightful ranks is quite displeasing and need to be addressed promptly. It looks like teachers are the only marginalized group when it comes to public sector workers because their needs and desires always are left unattended when it is put on a table for discussion. The various teacher unions at times swept delicate issues about their members under the carpet and rather concentrate on their own gains but we the advocates have to stand for this our teachers to get this matter of delays in the upgrading of teachers resolved quickly because they are the backbone of this country.

Teachers returning from study leave though some of them have gotten their posting, the effort made to get them placed under their rightful salary scale which is principal superintendent PSH16 has been fruitless meanwhile their colleagues whom they completed college with them have gone through promotion and has been placed under this rank. So, why is Ghana education Service (GES) not given these teachers who have returned from study leave this opportunity to also upgrade? This position of Ghana education Service on delays in upgrading teachers discouraged some of them not to upgrade themselves professionally by going to school.

Our source has shown that the issue of delays in upgrading teachers is not only those who have returned from study leave but those who have also gone to school through distance and sandwich and are facing the same problem. We want to know whether it is also a strategy by the Ghana Education Service to discourage teachers from furthering their course because it is difficult to understand what is actually the problem of Ghana education Service in upgrading its teachers to their rightful ranks.

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Those who completed their course in 2019 though have been posted but are still struggling to be placed on the right salary scale. This issue is worrying and disheartening how can you complete your course and be working for close to two, three years meanwhile you are not getting what is due you. The maltreatment meted out to teachers is not fair, we need to also let them enjoy the fruits of their labor. The payment of school fees alone is not easy, some of them went for loans before they could complete their courses and this has kept them on the financial burden and their families. These loan companies have started deducting these teachers and still, they are still not upgraded, wants Ghana education Service to place them on their rightful scale to help relieve them on the financial burden they went through during the course of their studies.

Some of these teachers after returning from their studies have assumed new roles like headmaster, form masters with more workload meanwhile their ranks are still the same. Teachers need to upgraded professionally to enable them to carry on with their duties successfully but when they manage to upgrade themselves Ghana education Service should also try and upgrade them to their rightful salary scale so that they can get the money to pay the cost they incurred during their studies.

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