Ghana Education service to introduce strict measures in schools to deal with students who indulge in drug abuse-Prof. Opoku Amankwah

By | February 22, 2021

The Ghana Education Service has promised to implement tighter regimes to deal with drug and substance abuse in schools following disturbing details from research in over 100 basic and senior high schools in the country.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Emefa Apawu, Director-General of the GES Prof Kwasi Opoku Amankwah, said that his outfit is yet to review the report, however, they are ready to look at the recommendations given and take steps to ensure that the relevant measures are put in place.

“So let us spend some time to study the report, look at what they actually came out with, and see how best we can tighten the measures we have and any other recommendations they have so we can improve on the system,” he said.

This comes after a report by the Consultative Committee to Combat Drug Menace in Schools established that about 54.1% of boys in Junior High and Senior High Schools use cannabis
According to a survey which was carried out by the Committee, 59.9% of boys tend to use cigarettes more in schools.

It further established that 36% of boys and 32.1% of girls use alcohol in schools, while 34.3% of girls use shisha in schools.

Also, it was recorded that 72.7% of girls use pain relivers in schools.

The survey was conducted in 176 schools to ascertain the source and cause of an increase in drug use in various Senior High and Junior High Schools in the country, following the establishment of the Committee under a directive by President Akufo-Addo.

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Meanwhile, Prof Opoku Amankwah says GES is ready to implement already existing measures to help clamp down on substance abuse.

He stated that “there are counselling programs in the schools that they go through and there are punishments for people who go through some of these issues.”

Prof Opoku Amankwah added that while already existing measures are being implemented, GES will look at the recommendations and provide stricter measures.

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    Please with all Due Respect We want to Ask For The Date To
    Released the 2020 school placement And We are Also Asking that will the sHS 1 will be able to resume class on 10 th of march.
    Thank you .

    1. Admin Post author

      Stay tuned we will update you when everything is set. Ghana education service (Ges) is constructing call centers across the country in order not to allow parents and guardians gather at independent square after the placement.


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