Ghana education services outlined procedures for the yet-to-be-released SHS self-placement. check it here.

By | February 26, 2021

What you should know about this year’s placement;
A candidate who does not get automatic placement should proceed on the self-placement portal.

Self-placement is a process that allows such candidates to proceed on the CSSPS portal and select from a school with available vacancies.

Features of self placement

a.Only schools with available vacancies are displayed on the self-placement portal.
b.schools with vacancies will be displayed for candidates to choose from based on their aggregate.
c.schools shown have their location and residential option available
d.candidates can change schools as many times as possible depending on the vacancies available. The changes cease immediately when the candidates get enrolled in a school.

The self placement process

Candidates login into the self-placement portal with his or her index number. The candidates choose the residential preference that is day or boarding

a.if a candidate select boarding, all schools with boarding vacancies will be displayed
b.if a candidate select Day, the will be a drop-down menu for the candidates to select the following;

‘Day school’ within catchment area or
The ‘Day school’ outside the catchment area

c. The “Day within catchment area” options display only schools with day vacancies within 16km of the JHS the candidates attended.
d. Day outside catchment area displays all schools with day vacancies. Before the ‘day outside catchment area’ option is effected the candidates must confirm again if they intend to attend school out their catchment area as a day Student
e.Program of choice is selected
After successfully going through this process, candidates then print the placement form and proceed to the school enrollment

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