Ghanaian students has been cutting hairs yet our atomic energy can’t produce “knockout” for Christmas- A plus

By | March 21, 2021

The management of Achimota senior high school three days ago asked two Rastafarian students to go back and cut their hair as it is against the code of conduct of the Ghana education services which generated a lot of controversies among the public.

Reacting to this Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A plus who is the founder of TPP and politician wrote on his Facebook page that students have been cutting their hair since independence yet Ghana’s atomic energy can’t produce “knockout” or fireworks for Christmas celebration.

He added that we import knockout and toothpaste from China. He further noted that countries their children don’t cut hairs are going into the mars and coming back, that what Ghanaians knows is “I completed Achimota, I went to Adisco, I went to St Peter’s yet our knowledge can’t land a man from a coconut tree neither to talk of landing in the moon.”

A plus is not the only person who has commented on this, the founder of African Education Watch Mr. Kofi Asare also commented on this issue and said it is unconstitutional to discriminate students from entering into senior high school because of their hairstyles

He added that the constitution of Ghana spells out clearly that every Ghanaian child has the right to attend school no matter the religious, political, or economic background of the person.

Yesterday due to the public uproar the management of the Ghana education services directed Achimota senior high school authorities to accept those Rastafarian students.

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