Ghana’s basic schools are full of hard-working teachers.

By | April 4, 2021

When this new curriculum was introduced in Ghanaian basic schools there has been a lot of challenges ranging from textbooks to teaching and learning materials but our hard-working Teachers at this level are doing all they can to ensure that children at this level receive some knowledge at the end of the day.

They have been some media houses complaining about why teacher unions are raising their voices when it comes to the lack of textbooks for schools but quick to raise their voices when it is a matter of salaries problem. Although Teachers have been complaining about the absence of textbooks since the inception of this new curriculum those who blame teacher unions failed to see what these Teachers are talking about.

This issue of Lack of textbooks is like a farmer who employed laborers to sow his maize by asking the laborers to go and be sitting on the farm and at the end of every day he pays them till the end of the farming session. At the end of the farming session then the farmer begins to blame the laborers for not working. This is just the same as our basic Schools where the government employs Teachers to sitting in schools while they refused to provide these Teachers with the needed materials to carry on with their duties in the Schools. But when a teacher makes a little mistake then you see their district management quick to query that Teacher.

No wonder some publishers are taking the opportunity to make their money with the new curriculum by publishing books that tend to tarnish the image of ethnic groups in the country. The law of nature makes us know that when you fail to do your work someone definitely will do work in another way for you.

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Teachers are really doing well in our basic school that they deserve to be reward for their hard working techniques they are employing in the absence of textbooks in this new curriculum but still they strive to make sure the gap between the public and private schools are not widen much.

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