GNAT and NAGRAT boycotted the COLA negotiation meeting today

By | July 12, 2022

The leadership of the National Association of Graduate Teachers NAGRAT and the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) walked out of the meeting that was held today 12th July 2022 to negotiate the 20% Cost of Living Allowance COLA

Mr. Angel Carbonu and Thomas Musah who represented the NAGRAT and GNAT respectively walked out of the meeting and told journalists that the government side was insisting that the two unions should call off their strike before the negotiation will start.

According to them, this is a betrayal of the trust they both had and hence their decision to walk out of the meeting.

“I think that what has happened today is very unfortunate. What we can say now is that our negotiation has come inconclusively and we are still on strike” Thomas Musah said

“They are indicating and asking us to call off our strike before negotiations begin. So all it means is that the government side is not ready to continue negotiation unless the teacher unions call off the strike.

“They have held all organized labour unions hostage and this is a betrayal of trust because the understanding we had was that organized labour has been convened for us to find solution to the issue of COLA. Right now, since we are undesirable, we think that before they even walk us out of the meeting, we are walking out of the meetings ourselves.” Mr. Angel Carbonu stated.

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