GNAT blamed Headteachers for pretending that everything is well in their schools

By | May 27, 2021

The Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT has blamed Headteachers of basic schools and District directors of Education for pretending that everything is alright in their schools meanwhile they are suffering. The Association said is about time heads of basic schools and District directors of Education begun speaking for the true pictures of the schools to be known.

According to the association the Headmaster of basic schools and the district Directors have pretened for too long and their silence and pretence may lead to collapse of Ghana Education system. Dr. Isaac OWUSU the central Regional chairman of GNAT said Teachers and students Continuous to sufer in silence and bear the bryant of the mess that have been created. He wants the silent broken to pile pressure on the managers of education to fix the problems in the schools.

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He added that he doesn’t understand why Teachers have allowed themselves to suffering the way are now in schools just because of someone negligence. He said Teachers in sought of blaming their employer for not providing them with the needed materials. Every day the call on Gnat to do something, GNAT do something. According Dr. Isaac it is not the duty of GNAT to provide textbooks to schools, it also not the duty of GNAT to produce infrastructure. So he doesn’t understand why their own members in the union will be calling for GNAT to fix the problems of Teachers when the employer is left sitting somewhere.

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He said Teachers are sick and tired of the problems in the their schools but the they still pretend that all is well and the shall overcome. He said all is not well and the reality must be face. He therefore call on all teachers to stop the pretends and let everyone know that all is not well in the basic schools.

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