GNAT cancer fund dues to be increase without increment in Teachers base pay.

By | March 17, 2021

A proposal has been made by the Ghana National Association of Teachers ( GNAT) to increase the cancer fund dues of every teacher to be able to source the GNAT cancer fund to save the lives of any teacher who may can to the need of the GNAT cancer fund. The National Executives of Ghana National Association of teachers made it clear that the GH¢2.00 deducted from each member is becoming small and cannot sustain the cancer fund and so there was a need to sustain the cancer fund by increasing each member’s cancers contribution.

The highlights of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) from their meeting that was held at the headquarters in Accra on 6th March 2021 stated that discussion on the proposed increase in GNAT cancer fund dues will be referred to both the Regional and District conference for final decision to be taken.

“Discussion on the proposed increase in the cancer fund dues to be officially referred to the Regional executives for a subsequent referral to District executives for the decision to be taken on it at the various conferences.” The letter stated.

Assuming this proposed increase is taken effect meanwhile there will be no increment for salaries of workers in this country how do you expect the ordinary teacher to leave with his salary when there is an increase in taxes and prices of goods and services in the country with pandemic as well, this indirectly means that the frustration of Teachers is going to hit the ceiling this very year.

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Although Teachers are not against the increase in the fund the increment of workers dues should be done when there is a subsequent increment in salary so the person will know that after all he or she will be having some pay increase but here is the case where taxes are increasing, prices of goods and services are increasing and there is pandemic too meanwhile there is no increment in salary how do Teachers depend on only one salary with all these deductions going on.

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