GNAT has approved GNAT-IRIRS for CPD of teachers

By | November 16, 2021

The National Council of the Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT has approved the establishment of the Institute for Research and Industrial Relation (GNAT-IRIRS) at Abankro at the GNAT village, near Ejisu in the Ashanti Region.

According to the National Council today, 16th November 2021, they have obtained authorization from the Ghana Tertiary Commission GTEC, the regulatory body to make sure this research institute becomes a reality.

As the association aimed at contributing to the continuous professional development of teachers, academia, and the improvements of research in Ghana, the west Africa sub-region, Africa, and the world at large, the council went an extra mile to approve the establishment of GNAT Institute for Research and Relations studies at Abranko.

This is contained in a statement issued by the National Council of the Ghana National Association of Teachers at Abankro at the GNAT village near Ejisu as one of the major issues that were discussed by the leadership of the GNAT leaders between the 6th to 14th of November 2021.

Some of the major issues raised during the meeting at GNAT village was as follows:
The National Council endorses the leadership of the association opposition of the National Teaching Council NTC forcing teachers to compulsory attend fee-paying continuous professional development workshops in some districts which is the main responsibility of the employer and NTC. Council however advises NTC to concentrate on its role of advising the ministry on licensing of Teachers.

The National Council called on the National labor Commission to prevail on the employer and all those who matter to quickly address the issues in the collective agreement and the condition of service of teachers which is currently affecting teachers’ performance as highlighted by the teacher unions in their 10th August press statement.

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The National Council also called on GES to take immediate steps to resolve the outstanding issue of promotion of teachers in the Junior ranks (Snr Supt II to Snr Supt I) especially the 2015 and 2016 batch of teachers.

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