Some teachers are asking their Union (GNAT) executives to propose for salary increment.

By | March 5, 2021

Beginning of January every year there is always an increase in salary for all public sector workers but this year 2021 it was rather unfortunate due to the pandemic the government did not read the budget for 2021 and this negatively affected the increase in salary for all public sector workers which normally take effect in January every year.

There are rumours circulating on various social media platforms concerning this salary increment that it will take effect in April this year 2021.

Some teachers on the other side are asking the executive of their various unions to proposed an increase in their salaries for this year 2021. some of them have complained about the increase in the price of goods and services in the country and for that matter if there is no increment of workers salaries in the country they wouldn’t be able to survive the current state of the economy.

Some are worried about the fact that Government might take the pandemic as an opportunity to denied workers the increment of their salaries. So they entreat their union leaders to be up and doing to ensure that there is a salary increment this year.

Though they have not been increment for any public sector workers in the country which Gnat last two weeks the Ghana National Association of teachers in their official platform on Facebook handle confirmed this that the government has not yet increase salary for any public sector workers but their members want them to play their games well to ensure that their salaries are increasing in April 2021.

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The pandemic has made the economy to be hard, so they need salary increments to cushion them in their daily lives.

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