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GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCTGH to Meet GES today over these 8 major issues.


The management of the Ghana Education Service has invited the leaders of the three Teacher unions Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT, National Association of Graduate Teachers NAGRAT, and the coalition of concerned Teachers Ghana CCTGH for a meeting today 20th August 2021.

According to the content of the letter, management of the Ghana Education Service and leadership of the three Teacher unions are to deliberate on the major issues that were raised by the teacher unions in their 10th August 2021 press statement.

Below are the 8 major issues that were raised by Teacher unions in their 10th August 2021 press statement.
1. Contact and working hours. According to the three Teacher unions, GES has increased the working hours of Teachers since the beginning of this pandemic which has added more workload to the teachers without any motivation so they see it’s as unacceptable. So calling for GES to motivate teachers
2. Teaching and learning resources. Teacher unions complained that the management of Ghana Education Service has failed to provide Teachers with the needed modern teaching aid, classrooms are overcrowded, School environments are not conducive and capitation grants have been delayed which according to them is affecting thousands of children in the country.
3. Upgrading of teachers. The unions have complained that another issue that is demotivating and demoralizing teachers is the slow pace at which GES is upgrading teachers who have Finance themselves to get degrees and those who have completed study leave with pay. They call on GES to facilitate the upgrading of Teachers.
4. Responsibility allowance. According to teacher unions, there is the number of Teachers who holding different position in their various schools and are entitled to responsibility allowance but their responsibility allowance stopped when the was promoted to another rank. So teacher unions are calling for quick restoration of that allowance.
5. Teachers Promotion crisis. Teacher unions said the way and manner in which GES released the just ended promotion examination results they are not happy and therefore call for better treatment of those Teachers.
6. Signing of the performance contract. Teacher unions leaders said the management of GES has called the headmaster to sign a performance contract and it is unacceptable because they do not know the details and implications of that performance contract so they are calling for the suspension of that performance contract.
7. Teacher unions are calling for a thorough discussion on why GES does not want to appoint Teachers to the headmaster and assistant headmaster in the District and Regional Education offices.

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  1. Please, don’t forget tranfer grant. Either by one’s own request or the authority move the teacher from on place to another, once the teacher served 4 year at a station before the movement, the transfer grant be paid to all no matter the distance between the old and new station.
    Full and immediate implementation of revised working conditions


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