Good News for tertiary students. Students to apply for a Student loan at the time of school application- Dr. Yaw Adutwum.

By | February 12, 2021

Students in tertiary institutions in Ghana have been crying for delays in payment of their loans which they have applied from the student loan trust fund. Some of these students loan has not been paid on time making some of these students to trail in some papers and others getting deferred just because these students could not get their money on time to pay their school fees.

When the honorable minister-designate was asked during his vetting by the Bakwu central member of parliament Honorable Mahama Ayariga what is he plans if given the office can do to ensure that this student gets their money on time to enable them to sail through their courses successfully.

Dr. Yaw Adutwum said he thinks the procedure used in applying for students loan should be streamlined, he said that when he is given the office, he will ensure that students who need students loan apply for it at the time they are applying for admission into the school and by the time the students will be given admission he or her student’s loan to will be ready.

He added that he will also ensure that there is a guarantor free for all tertiary students if he is given the office to ensure that students who are not able to secure the student loan just because they don’t have anyone to guarantee them to get the loan are removed.

This he thinks if it is done will ensure that students in the tertiary institution get their student loan support on time.

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