Government has finally paid the awaited allowance of trainees’

By | May 22, 2021

The government of Ghana through the student’s loan trust fund (SLTF) have finally paid the awaited three months nurses trainees allowance from January to March 2021

This comes as Good news to the trainee nurse as it will relieve them their financial burden since they have stayed in school for three-five months today without allowance.

According to the student’s loan trust fund, the payment is base on the approved list that has been sent to them by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Regarding issues of non-payment of allowance, and further inquiries, the student loan trust fund encourages trainees who for one reason or the other have not received their allowance to direct their challenges to the Ministry of Health.

Last two months the Nurses trainees Association and the midwifery threatened to demonstrate over their unpaid allowance. But the ministry of health wrote a statement sighting the pandemic and the closure of schools in March last year as the cause of the delay in payment of trainees’ allowance.

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