Has your child regressed in his or her writing? Follow this guide to bring your child back on track.

By | January 27, 2021

Writing has been relegated to background these days due to the advent of technology. Students and their teachers have not been putting effort into training or develop learners writing skills, but writing as experts say is the primary basis upon which one’s intellect, knowledge, and abilities will be judged in the college, at the workplace, and even the community. So, to improve your child’s writing skills follow these experts’ tips to speed up your child in his or her writing skills.

Ways to develop writing skills in the house.

Ensure inventive spelling in the home. When your children are to tell you, a story let them put it in a writing form, though they would not be able to spell the words correctly but do not try to correct them in the process of writing the story as it kills their creativity in spelling. Always encourage your children to put their ideas or stories in paper form. Experts say as children ability to develop their sight words so will their writing skills too will be.

Let your children play writing-focused games in the house. To do this game, you can let someone who is older than your children or yourself can always pick a letter and let your children run around the house in search of anything that begins with that letter and they will write it down. Keep on repeating for some time. You can also let your children leave a note of their favorite thing, something like the reasons why I like playing with you, why I think you are good a father, and see the amazing and creative stories they will give to you.

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Encourage your children to involve in writing letters. Now a day’s people do not write friendly letters due to technology but now that we are in this pandemic, children have distance from their friends in school, it has been a while since your children see their friends so, you can always give them a direction of what they will write about to be delivered to their friends in other places which they have seen for long. Always make sure to get your children’s letters are delivered to their friends. This can keep your children busy in the house and not go out, it can also develop their communication skills as writing improve our communication.

Adopt story caption techniques. You can always write story captions on a piece of paper fold them and put them in a container and let your children pick a paper randomly, any paper they pick the check the caption there and write a story about it. Make sure to repeat this every day to develop your child’s writing skills.

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