Headmistress of Dabokpa SHS denied students admission.

By | March 20, 2021

Students that were officially placed by Ghana education services for this 2021 academic year have been denied admission by the Dabokpa senior high school headmistress for a reason that there is no hostel facility to accommodate the students.

The students complained that when they were placed by Ghana education to the school they have been visiting the school for up to three weeks now just to see the headmistress and submit their placement documents so that they can be admitted to the school but they were not giving the opportunity by the headmistress of the school.

Parents who accompanied their children to help them facilitate the admission process complained that their children have been denied admission by the headmistress but she is rather giving admission to students who they think are not placed by GES,

Mr. Awal who is a teacher alleges that “the information we are picking is that she is going behind the door issuing admission letters to some particular people, we don’t know whether she is selling them or whatever. But what we are saying is our children had to be admitted. Since the government is saying that they should all be sent to school, the woman has to admit them.

He also noted that the woman has no powers to deny any student admission.”

Adding that “it is not her duty to drag any child away with the reason that she has no place to keep them. She has to keep the children and send the problem to the government that she has no facility so that the Government will provide.”

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