Home Education Here are the contact details of the National Teaching Council (NTC)

Here are the contact details of the National Teaching Council (NTC)


Since the inception of the licensing and registration of Teachers in Ghana by Natonal Teaching Council NTC a lot of Teachers have been face with some challenges. Contacting them was a serious issue.

Now the National Teaching Council has brought the contact details that teachers who have issues can easily contact them for help. Some teachers have different names on their certificates and will like to change them. Other Teachers too complain about different names on their payslip which sometimes makes it difficult to have access to the portal to complete filling their details. These Teachers can easily contact the National Teaching Council NTC using their contacts listed below

Some teachers also complain of receiving error messages whenever they try to log onto the NTC Teachers portal. For teachers who are facing these challenge, the National Teaching Council NTC is requested those Teachers to sent their payslip and SSNIT card to the NTC email address which is stated below.

Those who have challenges can easily contact NTC on the following numbers
Or you can email ntc at it@ntc.gov.gh

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