How to become a certified NTC facilitator

By | February 12, 2022

In addition to the accredited CPD Service Providers, there shall be accredited and certified facilitators who shall register with an identified service provider or the National Teaching Council.

The duties of these facilitators shall be mainly to lead discussions as well as the transfer of skills and knowledge during CPD programme. There shall be Category “A” facilitators (Associate facilitators AF)and Category “B” referred to as; and Independent Facilitator (IF)

Associate facilitator

An Associate facilitator is the kind of facilitator who is registered by Service Providers to
solely assist such an attached accredited service provider. The A2F shall render service(s) to only the attached Service Provider that sought accreditation for the said facilitator.


The service provider on behalf of any person who wishes to be registered as an associate
facilitator shall provide the following requirements for accreditation and certification:

i. Full name of the proposed facilitator
ii.Valid address
iii. Academic and professional qualifications
iv. Valid certificates.
v. Evidence of not less than 5 years of working experience.
vi.Evidence of Training History of training
vii. Brief report on facilitation competences with relevant certificates
viii.Proficiency in Microsoft office suit.

Independent Facilitator (Autonomous Accredited Facilitator-A2F)

An Independent Facilitator is the kind of facilitator who is registered directly with the
National Teaching Council (NTC) and renders services to any service provider that needs
the expertise of such a facilitator.


Full name of the proposed facilitator

Valid address

Academic and professional qualifications

Valid certificates.

Evidence of not less than 5 years of working experience.

Evidence of Training History of training

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Brief report on facilitation competences with relevant certificates.

Proficiency in Microsoft office suit Registration Fees:

Associate Facilitators (AF) ———-Gh¢200

Accredited Autonomous Facilitators (A2F) ———Gh¢2,000


Facilitators will be required to pay 50% of their registration fee as an annual subscription fee to renew their status. Failure to renew the accreditation status within three months of expiration is considered as fresh registration and shall attract payment of registration fee at that time.


There shall be a mandatory orientation workshop for AF and A2F every six months.

These workshops would be delivered through the interpersonal interface or virtual mode. The
training contents shall base on reports compiled from monitoring and evaluation reports of accredited PD programme organized within a six (6) month period.

Participants will be required to register as paid participants for the training and failure to
comply attracts withdrawal of accreditation.

In addition to this mandatory training, the National Teaching Council shall, from time
to time advertise to the general public for interested persons to register and be trained as CPD programs facilitators.


It is an offence for:

  1. An organization to engage the services of a non-accredited facilitator
  2. An organization to engage the services of persons with an invalid facilitator status
  3. An individual to facilitate at PD sessions without accreditation
  4. An individual to facilitate with an invalid accreditation status


Persons certified by NTC as accredited facilitators shall have their names published on NTC portal. Teachers who attain facilitators’ status shall have additional points recorded on the portal for any training they facilitate.

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