How to check your NTC confirmation status on the portal.

By | October 30, 2021

Schools or tertiary institutions that run Education programs and graduate students who wish to become teachers and work with the Ghana Education Service are encouraged by the National Teaching Council to submit the details of all graduating students to the Teaching Council. Due to some lapses, some schools failed to submit some students details to the National Teaching Council.

Due to this reason, the management of the National Teaching Council always encourages the graduating students who wish to write the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination GTLE to confirm their status on the portal of the Teaching Council before the go-ahead to buy the licensure voucher.

This article has looked at how to confirm your NTC confirmation status as quickly as possible without any stress. Now let’s go to look at the steps one needs to follow to check their NTC confirmation status on the portal.

Steps to Check your NTC Confirmation Status

a. Go on to NTC portal
b. Click on confirmation button
c. Put in your school or college index number
d. Click on the confirm tab

At times students get feedback that they have not been confirmed by their school or institution. There is no course to worry about. What you have to do to get this rectified is quickly go back to your school to alert them as recommended by the National Teaching Council. Your school will then upload your information on the NTC portal for confirmation.

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