How to check your student loan statement

By | December 1, 2021

Student loan statement is a summary of a student loan repayment plan, the year the loan was disbursed the balance of payment, and other details. Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) was established to help finance tertiary students Education by providing them with financial assistance which the students are eligible to pay after they have completed their course and have started working.

Students in Colleges of education were eligible to take these loans to finance their education due to the absence of the Teacher Trainees’ allowances that was reintroduced by the government in 2018. Teachers completing from Colleges of education due to their automatic posting from the government, a year after being in service the Students Loan Trust Fund SLTF always begin deducting teachers who access the loan during their College level.

Category of students who are likely to default their loan repayment.

Students from the universities and other tertiary institutions after completing due to the unavailability of jobs the find it difficult to repay their loans on time and hence become defaulters of SLTF.

Defaulters names to be publish on National Dailies.

Recently, the Chief Executives Officer (CEO) of the Student Loan Trust Fund threatened to publish names of defaulters of the student’s loan Trust Fund on National dailies. When repaying your loan it is always necessary to check your student’s loan statement.

Steps in checking student loan statement

The steps in checking your student’s loan statement are as follows:
✅Log onto
✅Click on check loan statement
✅Click on the menu at the top right corner
✅Click on login on the drop-down menu if you already have an account.
✅Enter your SSNIT number or Ghana card number if you have linked your Ghana card and your SSNIT number.
✅SLTF will be required to verify your details by sending you a verification code. If the email address and the phone number there are the same as what you use during your loan application, then click on send code.
✅SLTF will send you a verification code through your email address or SMS message.
✅Use that verification code and go back to the homepage of SLTF. Enter the verification code there and click submit.
Your student’s loan statement dashboard will open.

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