How to help your children who have regressed in school. Four tips for math

By | January 24, 2021

If your child’s ability to cope with mathematics concept has been declined due to the lockdown or long stay in the house as a result of the pandemic, here are some experts’ tips to help your child get back to his or her fit in mathematics. Regression in mathematics is a serious challenge in children move to the next class because the mathematical concept is built on the other so for you to learn a concept in mathematics there should be basics you can use to develop on the next one. Due to the long stay in the house as a result of the pandemic, children might have forgotten what they learned before the pandemic but here are experts’ tips that can help your child.

How to develop mathematics skills at home

Make mathematics puzzles or challenges hands-on. Assist children to see objects as they count them. Let your children count all the chairs around your kitchen tables, cushion, any visible objects that they can see, touch, and count. You can also let children gather pebbles, bottle tops, or seashells and count them one after the other as they touch them. Let the number correspond with the object as the count as this is relevant in counting and accuracy.

Add storytelling. Help your children by wording mathematical problems as it helps children to understand better. Use people or things around you to help explain mathematics concept to your children, for instance, letting children add a number like 2+2=4 will be best explained if you word it like this if your mother gives you two mangoes and your father also give you two mangoes in all the total mangoes will be four, with this the child understand better than just memorizing that 2+2=4. As you create a mathematics story let your children put it into drawing, let them draw the number of words with either square, circle, or triangle. Wording a mathematics problem helps a child to appreciate and understand everyday life situations.

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Make a routine counting with your children. Make sure you do regular counting with your children in the house, though expect have not yet proof how this works but as children are exposed to numbers it helps them become familiar with the numbers and also make understanding easy. Help them to understand that mathematics is just things around them. Ask them how many minutes does it take to reach their school? How long is their pencil? How many siblings do they have? Many people think that learning to count by reciting the correct number is counting but that is memorization. When children learn to count with the understanding of “how many”, is a vital skill for learners in mathematics.

Practice all the time. Always make sure you give children something to think about in a day, give them math problems in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Always try to add math problems or challenges in their daily work, let them learn mathematics like the way they play with objects in the house. Ask them how many blue crayons are in the box.

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