How to Multiply fractions – steps /examples

By | September 24, 2022

In mathematics multiplication simply means repeated addition. Multiplication of fractions is simple. How to Multiply fractions. To Multiply fractions, follow this simple steps below.

How to Multiply fractions.

fractions are simply Multiply by following these steps below.

step1: Multiply the numerator (top numbers) together and denominators (bottom numbers) together.

step2: simplify the resultant fraction to its lowest term

Now that we know the steps involved let’s go straight to looking at examples

\text{Example 1: perform the operation}\space\frac{2}{5}×\frac{3}{4}\\answer:\space\text{Multiply the numerator together and denominators together}\space\frac{2}{5}×\frac{3}{4}=\frac{2×3}{5×4}=\frac{6}{20}=\frac{3}{10}

This is pretty good, right? Let’s look at another example

\text{Example 2: perform the operation}\space\frac{9}{18}×\frac{15}{24}\\
Answer: \text{ simplifying the fractions before multiplying}\space\frac{9}{18}×\frac{15}{24}=\frac{1}{2}×\frac{5}{8}=\frac{1×5}{2×6}=\frac{5}{12}

All are done in the same way.

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