How to register for NTC mandatory training courses for every teacher.

By | April 20, 2021

The dashboard on the NTC Teachers portal is a place where all activities relating to your teacher license are taking place. In this piece, we have looked at how to register for training programs as required by every teacher to take a training course within four years cycle to build his or her CPD credits points before the next license is given out.

When you login into the NTC Teachers portal, on the dashboard, you check at the top right-hand corner you will see the ‘My CPD Plan’ this is where you can register and unregister course that is recommended by NTC.

Training courses are courses that are recommended by NTC for every teacher to partake to improve their professional standard. There are two types of training courses as specified by NTC. These courses include mandatory courses for all ranks and Rank-based mandatory courses.

All the mandatory courses for all ranks have the same CPD credit points and also the Ranked based mandatory courses also have the same CPD credit points. Each teacher has to improve on his CPD credit points within the four years before he or she can be giving NTC license to practice as a teacher.

NTC advises every teacher to take mandatory courses within a three years circle.
To register for training courses, you have to click view on the training courses to see the available service providers providing training courses before you can register.

Note there is always a symbol that will direct you where you click the view.

On the training program page, you are always presented with the full details of the training program you are undertaking in nine sections. These sections include “About this course”, “target audience”, “Attendance”, “what you will Learn”, “Evaluation,” “Date,” “Venue,” “Modules,” and “Sponsors.”

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After getting all this information, on the same training program page, you click register to register for a course at the top right corner of the page, after registering for the course you can unregister a course by clicking on the same position where you registered for the course.

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