How to upload NTC teachers’ portfolio lesson plan (15 lesson per term).

By | December 2, 2022

The National Teaching Council has given pre-tertiary school teachers up to Thursday 1st December 2022 to submit teacher portfolios on the National Teaching Council teachers’ portal for review.

This article will guide you as a teacher to quickly upload the lesson plan you have prepared by 1st December 2022.

After you have prepared your “lesson plan” then follow the simple steps below to upload your evidence of work on the NTC portal for grading.

Steps to upload the “lesson plan” you have prepared.

• log onto the NTC teachers’ portal here

• Click on the menu bar at the left-hand corner of your phone screen as shown in the screenshot below.

• On the drop-down menu click on my portfolio

• Click on my teacher portfolio

• Click on “lesson plan (15 lesson per term)”

• Click on “click to select file” and you will be redirected to where you save them on your smartphone or laptop computer. Make sure you snap and scan your lesson plans (15 per term) and combine them as one pdf file and save it at an identification location on your phone or PC

• select the combined pdf file name you save as your “lesson plan”, it will automatically take you back to the NTC teachers portal.

• click upload. It will be uploaded successfully and you are done.

NTC portfolio lesson plan for teachers'

On this page, we will be looking at other evidence of work that teachers are supposed to upload onto the Ghana teacher portal as demanded by NTC for grading, so continue visiting this page for new updates. If questions join our telegram group chat and asked your questions.

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