I don’t understand why teachers and their kids are working in dilapidated school buildings.

By | January 6, 2021

Some school environment is in a state of disrepair and still, teachers and their kids continue to learn under these death traps with Stakeholders concern pretend they have not seen which I think we the concern citizens, nurses and all who are concerned about the lives of our young children should speak out.

How bad are this school environment?

Students in most public schools are living in a dilapidated building which a small wind can blow it off. These buildings are half broken with hanging woods and block, in some instances, part of classroom zinc will be removed with rainwater leaking and these teachers and their students continue to learn under these kinds of building, meanwhile, public officials visit these schools regularly but say nothing about it, no wonder one will say because their children are not there, they don’t care about what happened to others children. Research has shown that when students are in a bad condition to learn the end result is that it impacts negatively on their performance.

Some schools are surrounded by environmental hazards like refuse dumps, air pollution, gutters full of stagnant water, and this old dugout with students learning under these environments. These children are exposed to health risks as they continue to learn and play in these kinds of environment, it is so sad to see a child playing on refuse dumps with all these kind of dirt on them which these kids can easily get contaminated with certain disease all these things have been going on in our schools yet the authority have failed to comment about it, all that they are concerned about is, the child must perform and I always ask how will a child stay in these dangerous environments and still perform.

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It will be surprising to hear that some students still learn under trees in some parts of our countries, with all the educational policies passed by the government to build schools you still find these public schools with no single classroom dotted around the country. How can a student learn in an open environment with all the noise and animals crossing them? These students will be having a divided mind as they learn and still look at things out there. And research has shown that has students have divided minds they learn nothing.

How to handle this situation

We suggest that teachers as mentors and custodians of these children should always update the administrator about the status of their schools and make sure they follow up to get these issues to address before the situation gets out of hand, so our children can be protected from this impending danger.

Teachers in an understaffed school should also make sure the monitor children movement in school in other not to allow these children to get involved in these dilapidated building called classroom blocks

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