ICD to sue GES over discrimination in school placement

By | April 13, 2022

The Institute of Child Development (ICD) has taken the leadership of the Ghana Education Service to court following the recent discrimination matter raised by the leadership of the private schools in the country.

According to Private Schools leadership, the recent discrimination in School Placement being perpetrated by the leadership of GES, with the backing of the Ministry of Education against Private Schools and their students, the Institute of Child Development (ICD) has taken the responsibility to challenge the matter in court, with the backing and support of all Private School Associations, Councils and Coalition.

Last week the Ghana National Council of Private Schools Teachers GNACOPS raise allegations that GES and WAEC are discriminatory to private schools in terms of school placement and marking of BECE results.

According to GNACOPS, the Director-General of Ghana Education Service Prof Opoku Amankwa unconstitutional made a statement on Asempa FM that 90% percent of public senior high school placement is reserved for public basic schools which the found this statement provoking and therefore asked the Director-General of GES to retract that statement with immediate effect.

To help private schools face GES in court, the Ghana National Council of Private Schools Teachers GNACOPS has asked all Private School Stakeholders and concerned citizens, to stand with ICD and support them in this battle for the fair and equal treatment of the Private School Child, whose parents are tax payers & financiers of government purse, and GES by extention.

GNACOPS stated that the future of Ghanaian children in private schools is dependent on the steps the leadership of GNACOPS takes today, hence parents and Guardians can support ICD in court by supporting them financially to the Institute of Child Development MOMO number 059 739 3781 using the names of your school has to reference.

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